• Space Popular at Sir John Soane's Museum

    Space Popular at Sir John Soane's Museum

  • Artist Pablo Bronstein

    Artist Pablo Bronstein

  • GGARDNER-1183

    Adam Nathaniel Furman for National Gallery of Victoria

  • GGARDNER-0708

    Alice Potts for National Gallery of Victoria

  • ggardner-9705-Edit

    Tomoaki Suzuki for National Gallery of Victoria

  • John Pawson photographed for Building Design magazine

  • Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen photographed for FX magazine

  • ggardner-0025

    Morag Myerscough

  • untitled-9511-Edit3

    Pippa Nissen, commissioned by Nissen Richards Studio

  • 1M8E2468


  • ggardner-1997

    Langlands and Bell for Sir John Soane's Museum

  • ggardner-9919

    Adam Nathaniel Furman

  • GGARDNER-0623-Edit

    Terence Woodgate photographed for FX magazine

  • _V1C2151-Enhanced

    Russell Curtis, Dieter Kleiner and Tim Riley of architect RCKa, photographed at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, for Building Design magazine.

  • GGARDNER-2314-Edit

    Howard Brandston

  • GGARDNER-7937

    Maria Cheung for FX magazine

  • 1M8E5129-Edit

    Professor Andy MacMillan for Building Design magazine

  • headandshoulders2

    David Adjaye

  • _MG_2248

    Jamie Fobert photographed for Blueprint magazine

  • gg_110401_untitled_0042

    Ian McChesney photographed for FX magazine

  • ggardner-8980

    Michael Squire for Squire and Partners

  • gg-5034-Edit

    Adam Nathaniel Furman for FX magazine

  • 1M8E2312

    Alan Kitching photographed for Milliken

  • garethtest-0010-2

    Nadim Karam for Blueprint magazine

  • _MG_0879-Edit

    James Mair photographed for FX magazine

  • 1M8E5622

    Nicholas Grimshaw for Building Design magazine

  • garethtest-0017-Edit

    William Russell photographed for FX magazine

  • _M8E9871-Edit

    Charles Saumerez Smith for Art Monthly

  • 1M8E1241

    Stephen Hodder for Building Design magazine


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