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National Portrait Gallery


The National Portrait Gallery opened on 22 June after a three-year redevelopment to transform the Gallery. I was commissioned by Nissen Richards Studio to document the project.

Nissen Richards Studioworked with the gallery’s project team to realise the ambition for a complete re-hang of the gallery’s collection. This included a newly-composed chronological approach and a comprehensive re-hang that enables new narratives and displays a more diverse range of sitters.

The building was re-modelled by Jamie Fobert Architects, with Purcell acting as Heritage Consultants, whilst Nissen Richards Studio were the scheme’s Interpretation Designers, working on the redesign of the permanent galleries, including the new colour scheme and the permanent exhibition design, as well as guiding the vision for the overarching visitor experience. This involved working with long term collaborators, specialist lighting designers Studio ZNA, who re-lit the collection to give each portrait real individual presence.

Architects: Jamie Fobert Architects
Heritage Consultants: Purcell
Interpretation Designers and Permanent Exhibition Design: Nissen Richards Studio
Gallery Lighting designers: Studio ZNA
Setworks contractors: Factory Settings
Audio Visual designers: NGX Interactive
Showcase contractors: Meyvaert