Morley's or Less


MMM... It's the sincerest form of flattery
Photographs by Morley's or Less

A long-term photographic project to document imitation Morley’s chicken shops was shown at Gareth Gardner Gallery as part of the 2019 Deptford X art festival fringe. Morley’s is a fast food chain which first originated in Sydenham, south London in 1985. Famed for selling fried chicken, wings and spare ribs, it is the home of the ‘Triple M Burger’.

This series of more than 50 elevational photographs, the majority arranged in two main grids, builds on a three-year Instagram project by artist collective “Morley’s or Less”. They have travelled throughout south London and beyond to capture imitation Morley’s chicken shops, which are almost as commonplace as the original franchise. The resulting images capture such replicas as Mowley, Monleys, Morliss and Merlie. The fake Morley’s, in their unmistakable palette of white and red are sometimes subtle subterfuges, while others are unashamed rip-offs. One might sometimes be forgiven for thinking they are the real thing, especially in the early hours.

This photographic collection documents the humour, chaos and creativity unleashed upon the canvas of the south London High Street by this late-stage capitalist phenomenon.

The exhibition was a huge success, attracting hundreds of visitors. Extensive press coverage meant that the exhibition was also extended. 

Follow the Instagram account at @morleysorless.