• _GG_2668

    2 Willow Road by Erno Goldfinger

  • _GG_2815

    Hopkins House, by Michael and Patty Hopkins

  • _GG_3560

    The Cosmic House, by Charles Jencks, Maggie Keswick Jencks and Terry Farrell Partnership

  • _GG_2843

    Red House, by Philip Webb and William Morris

  • _DSF8132
  • _GG_2853
  • _GG_4813

    9/10 Stock Orchard Street, by Sarah Wigglesworth and Jeremy Till

  • _GG_4769-Pano
  • _GG_4833
  • _GG_6059
  • _GG_6070
  • _GG_6073
  • _GG_6077
  • _GG_6109-Edit
  • _GG_6111-Edit
  • _GG_6131

Architects' Houses


Exhibition at Sir John Soane's Museum until 03 September 2023. More information here

I was commissioned by Sir John Soane's Museum to collaborate on their latest exhibition Architects' Houses, curated by Dr Erin McKellar. 

As well as capturing the exhibition design itself – featuring a bold graphic identity by Studio Bergini – I also photographed each of the houses featured in the show.