gareth gardner gallery

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Launched in October 2019, gareth gardner gallery is located in the heart of Deptford, London SE8.

The gallery is dedicated to photography of architecture and the man-altered landscape. The venue aims not only to interact with the local vibrant art scene, but also to host exhibitions and events that interrogate the role of architecture and landscape photography, examining how we perceive buildings and landscapes through image-making.

The curatorial mission is to discover new voices in architecture and landscape photography, provide exhibition opportunities and support those developing their career and artistic practice in photography. There will be a special emphasis on those from minorities, to deliver different perspectives to those that are prevalent in architectural photography.

After several preview exhibitions, the gallery launched with the highly successful 'Morley's or Less' exhibition, which formed part of the Deptford X 2019 art festival. The show subsequently enjoyed an extended run thanks to extensive press coverage.

The gallery also hosted a 'pop-up' exhibition about Preston Bus Station, to help celebrate the brutalist landmark's 50th anniversary.

If you are a photographer working on projects addressing architecture and the man-altered landscape, then please get in touch to discuss portfolio reviews and exhibition opportunities.

Address: Gareth Gardner Gallery, Enclave 10, 50 Resolution Way, Deptford, London SE8 4AL, United Kingdom