Exhibition entry Terms & Conditions

If you are entering any of our open submissions for exhibitions at Gareth Gardner Gallery, please read through these terms & conditions carefully before applying.

A: Terms & Conditions

By entering this exhibition and uploading photos to us, you grant us the right to use your image(s) and your name in online promotions related to this event only. No other usage will be permitted without prior permission from you.

If your photo is chosen for the exhibition, you also grant us the right to make a single printed reproduction of the selected photo, at a size of our choosing. No other usage will be permitted without prior permission from you. You allow us to crop the image if necessary to fit the available frame sizes – however, we will endeavour to contact you should significant cropping be required.

After the exhibition, unsold prints may be purchased at cost by the photographer and shipped at the photographer's expense. Otherwise they will be added to Gareth Gardner Gallery print archive.

By submitting, you agree to receive email communications from Gareth Gardner Gallery. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Entrants should be 18 years of age or over.

B: Warranty of origination and Indemnification

By submitting image(s) for this exhibition, you agree that:

1 – The image(s) are your own work.

2 – You own all rights to the images.

3 – You take full responsibility for the content of your images, including the likeness of any recognisable individuals, designs and buildings, and have obtained any necessary releases.

4 – You indemnify Gareth Gardner Gallery from all liability related to the content, copyright or origination of images submitted to the exhibition.

C: Usage License

    By submitting image(s) for the exhibition, you agree that:

    1 – As the photographer, you retain full copyright for your own images at all times.

    2 – If your image is selected for the exhibition, you grant Gareth Gardner Gallery the non-exclusive, limited right to produce one Artist Proof print of that image for display in the exhibition. All prints produced for the exhibition become the exclusive property of the gallery archive, unless purchased by the exhibiting photographer (see section B).

    3 – You also grant Gareth Gardner Gallery the right to use and reproduce any or all of your submitted image(s) in any promotions specifically related to the event, both online and offline, worldwide and in perpetuity, including the gallery’s website and social media programmes. This usage shall be strictly limited to promoting the photographer, their work and the exhibition. All photographers shall be fully credited.

    4 – Selected image(s) may be permanently displayed on our website/online galleries, along with any contact details such as your social media profile and website address.

    5 – Gareth Gardner Gallery will make no other use of your submitted images without your prior written approval as the photographer.

    D: Print Sales

    Allowing us to sell your prints provides us with an opportunity to fund our activities, as well as provide revenue for our exhibiting photographers.

    Gareth Gardner Gallery assumes you grant permission for us to sell your print, if it is selected for the exhibition,  unless notified otherwise in writing/email.

    1 – Commission
    Any print sales are subject to VAT at 20%. The remaining monies are split 50:50 between gallery/photographer. For example, a print sold at £120 attracts VAT of £20. The remaining £100 is split 50:50, with £50 due to the photographer.

    2 – Sale price
    Upon notification of successful entry into the exhibition, you will also be asked to agree a price for your print, taking into account commission and VAT. If no response is received regarding price agreement, the gallery will set a price based on our experience and knowledge.

    3 – Editions
    The gallery undertakes to print an Artist Proof of each print selected for the exhibition (see C:2 above). 

    Any sales will be printed to order, with a maximum edition of 10 per image. If demand is greater, the gallery will contact the photographer to agree any further arrangements. 

    4 – Sales
    The gallery undertakes to inform you of any print sales, and to make arrangements to transfer any monies due in a timely manner.