Architecture Photography Fund 2022 details

The Architecture Photography Fund is a grant, mentorship, and exhibition programme set up to widen participation in architectural photography, founded by Luke O’Donovan and supported by Gareth Gardner Gallery. The second edition of the programme will run from July 2022–June 2023, leading up to an exhibition of the awardee’s work in Summer 2023.

The Award
The chosen recipient will be awarded with a £750 grant to aid the production of an architectural photography project, receive mentorship from award-winning architectural photographer Luke O’Donovan throughout the year, and will be able to exhibit their work at Gareth Gardner Gallery in Deptford, SE London, in Summer 2023. Gareth Gardner Gallery will also be able to offer advice, support, and some production assistance ahead of the exhibition outcome.

This opportunity is open to young people aged 18-25 (on 1st July 2022) from a background that is under-represented in the architecture and photography industries, and who live in or around the Greater London area.

Applications will be open from 21st April–18th June (8PM) 2022. Please read the FAQ and all of the information below before applying. Good luck!

“The Architecture Photography Fund has allowed me to appreciate the process of project development and management within my photography. Over the past year and a half I learnt and exercised skills that have proven to strengthen my image making and consideration.

Overall I am thankful for the opportunity to experiment, test, and challenge myself within my practice, it is not often we get the chance as artist/photographers to practice and experiment without feeling the pressure of wasting resources, or striving for perfection. This project has given me the chance to appreciate a new way of working and understanding photography.” Kes-tchaas Eccleston, 2020 APF awardee

Application Form
Please fill in the brief application form at link HERE. You will need a Google account to fill in the form.

Please help share the news
Any help sharing this opportunity would be most appreciated — please use the link


Applications open: 21st April
Applications close: 18th June
Shortlisted applicants invited for an interview: TBC late June
Interviews take place: TBC late June/early July
Grant Awarded: TBC early July
Exhibition of work at Gareth Gardner Gallery: Summer 2023


Who is this opportunity open to?

The Architecture Photography Fund is open to young people that will be aged 18-25 on 1st July 2022, and who will be living in or close to Greater London from July 2022–June 2023 (mentorship meetings will be held in Central London). Applicants must also meet the eligibility criteria. This opportunity is open to individuals only, please do not apply as a group.

How many candidates will be selected?

Currently only one candidate will receive the grant award each year, though we are looking to expand the scope of the initiative in future iterations. Up to five shortlisted candidates will be interviewed ahead of the final award decision.

I’m not sure that I want to pursue a career as an architectural photographer, is this opportunity still for me?

Yes, it’s fine to be unsure about your career path, or to have other plans outside of architectural photography. This opportunity is for people considering a career in the creative industries who have an interest in architecture and photography, and who would like to develop their architectural photography skills and portfolio to advance their future career.

Do I need any experience in architectural photography?

Not necessarily, but you should have some form of creative work to show (can be from inside or outside of school/college/university), and be able to demonstrate an interest in architecture and/or photography. A degree or any formal education in photography or architecture isn’t required either. Any work submitted in the application process will be assessed in terms of the ideas behind it, as opposed to technical ability, or direct relevance to architectural photography.

Do I need to own a professional camera?

No, if you own any kind of camera that would be ideal, but not essential.

How can I spend the £750 grant?

The grant must be used to fund the production and exhibition of your architectural photography project over the course of the year. This could include travel, equipment, printing, research material, or anything else that would support your project. It could also be used in part to pay for you to take a short time away from your everyday responsibilities and commitments, to focus on photography.

How will I be supported throughout the programme?

This can be tailored towards your personal requirements, but the outline plan is for informal mentoring sessions to take place in Central London around once a month. Mentoring sessions will focus on the production of your project, as well as more generally around some of the skills involved in a professional photography career. Gareth Gardner Gallery will also be able to provide advice, support and some production assistance ahead of the exhibition outcome at the end of the programme, and will offer usage of the gallery space for free.

What will be expected from the successful applicant?

You should be able to attend informal mentoring sessions around once a month, and spend some of your own time working on your project throughout the year as well. Your project should produce an exhibition outcome at the end of the year to be shown at Gareth Gardner Gallery in Summer 2023. This could take shape as a traditional photography exhibition, or an alternative format of your choosing, such as a zine launch.

Do I need to have a detailed project idea already?

At this stage no, a vague project idea is fine, and you will be able to change it later if you want to. Any candidates selected for interview will be asked to develop their project idea in a little more detail, and the chosen candidate will have help in finalising a more complete project idea and production plan. The only requirement is that the project is something that you haven't already produced in full, it must be something that you can work on throughout the year mentorship programme.

What safeguarding measures are in place?

Where possible, all mentorship meetings will take place in a public/shared space, and the mentor photographer (Luke) has completed a DBS check.

I have applied to the Architecture Photography Fund in previous years, can I still apply this year?

Yes, you’re welcome to apply again.

Myself or my company are interested in supporting future iterations of the programme, how can I help?

We will be looking to expand the programme in future, please get in touch with Luke at if you think you may be able to help with sponsorship, mentoring, or anything else from 2023 onwards.


Exhibition dates will be at the discretion of Gareth Gardner Gallery, and must be agreed upon with sufficient advance notice. Both Luke O’Donovan and Gareth Gardner Gallery reserve the right to withdraw from the programme, should any unforeseen circumstances arise which result in them being no longer able to fulfil their commitments.


If you have any further questions at this stage, please get in touch with Luke O’Donovan at