The latest issue of the Architects' Journal features a 14 page building study of the revamped visitor experience at Sutton Hoo, designed by Nissen Richards Studio for the National Trust. It includes many of my photos of the project. 

Discovered in the late 1930s, the Anglo Saxon Royal Burial Grounds are located near Woodbridge in Suffolk and feature 17 burial mounds. The site is most famous for the excavation of a ship burial, with spectacular metalwork artefacts (on display at the British Museum). The five year project at Sutton Hoo takes visitors on a journey around the historic landscape, culminating in climbing the stairs of a new 17m-tall tower that offers dramatic views over the burial mounds.

I was commissioned to photograph the site on two occasions, the first to capture the new interpretation and installations across the site, while the second focused on the design of the viewing tower.

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